Friday, February 15, 2008

Whale Sharks Turned Into Carnival Ride

Read about it at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website.


Maryanne said...

oh that's so disturbing.

No Name Me said...

This just frosts my stones. I have stopped my annual membership because of the Aquariums practices and neglect/poor care of their whale sharks, the Beluga whale (which also died) and other fish that are clearly sick. ALSO, they lost their octopus--a beautiful Pacific that was clearly stressed (blanched) because it didn't have a hiding place. When I reported my concerns, the worker didn't even seem to care, and she was in charge of that exhibit.

And this was supposed to be a top of the line facility for vet. science and care. Ha.

This diving with the whale sharks is pitiful. The worst thing is many of these fish were "rescued" from places that were poor quality, only to come here to die. Ack. I'm am done with my rant!!!