Friday, June 01, 2012

Many thanks to Carmille Bauer and her wonderful book club for a great meeting that featured discussion of One Life to Give: A Path to Finding Yourself by Helping Others. The food was delicious and the company outstanding!


magdalena mcmillan said...

Mary, I am trying to find Andrew Bienkowski. Jurek was married to my aunt Budzislawa Hominska. He was family. My dad Jacek Makowski met Andrew in 1971 when he visited US - then he lost contact. I have lived in the US and always promised my dad to find Andrew, but only few days back I found your book and realized he is my uncle's brother. It is extremely important to me to pass my email to Andrew because I and my family loved his brother - we also have precious belonging of his dad - his war front prayer book. My email is Many thanks.

Mary Akers said...

Wonderful, Magdalena! Thank you so much for contacting me about this. I've phoned Andy to convey your email to him (he doesn't do computers) and I've also sent you his contact information. Cheers! Mary