Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I've decided to welcome the new year in, wholeheartedly, in a way I can't remember doing before. 2004 was an extrememly trying year, and although 2005 has already had its rough spots (most notably my father-in-law's struggle with cancer of the liver) I remain optimistic. It just feels right, so I plan to go with the feeling and will it to be right.

And, amazingly, southern girl that I am, I am welcoming today's snowfall in upstate New York. These crazy days of post-Christmas 50 degree weather have been too incongruous and unsettling to appreciate, and have made me long for some soft white flakes to shovel. Today I got my wish.


Clifford Garstang said...

Hey, way to go! And greetings from (very) sunny Mexico. I'll add a link to this to my blog . . . Looks good!

katrina said...


I'll add this link to my blog!


Mary Akers said...

Two comments?? Wow. Hi Cliff! Hi Kat! I just noticed these, thinking, of course, that I was invisible here. What fun! We are living on the cusp of this great technological / communications revolution. Living in an amazing time, aren't we? And (pat us on the back!) we aren't too old to embrace it. Ha! Now if I could just figure out how to link you back to my blog...I'll get there. I will. I know the answer has to be around here someplace...The key is to not be afraid. (I will not fear computers, I will not fear computers.)