Wednesday, January 26, 2005

EPA relaxing standards

On Friday, while inaugural revelers were still shaking off their hangovers and tending to their square-dance-induced blisters, the Bush EPA officially unveiled a deal whereby factory farms can get more than two years of immunity from the Clean Air Act if they join a voluntary program to simply measure their emissions. The feds, who say they need the emissions data in order to develop a good enforcement program, tout their collaborative plan as far better than slapping factory farms with lawsuits one by one.
Environmentalists say the strategy stinks as bad as the huge piles of manure that are emitting toxic gases at factory farms around the country.

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Clifford Garstang said...

Meanwhile, Bush gets all testy at a news conference about Condi Rice because somebody has the guts to suggest that she made some mistakes in the Iraq strategy (strategy? what strategy?). Everybody loves Condi, he says. Not this body.